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Sage Mike Prattles


  1. Truly a miracle..Is there mantra to recite to get a skinflint to pay the bill? Would come in handy for a couple relatives and friends of mine.

    • Sage Mike

      Unfortunately we haven’t got any prayers that are specifically intended to get someone to pick up the check. Although, now that you mention it, there’s probably some money to be made in selling such a prayer, so we’ll probably work on it.

      The best advice I can give you is to regularly say good words about God 234 in as public a forum as possible. As I said, skinflints like that really piss Her off, so she’s the God most likely to help you out in that regard. Unfortunately, She isn’t always present in God One’s universe, so there is no guarantee that any one plea that you make to Her will be heard. That’s why you have to keep repeating your praising of Her–you never know when she’ll be listening.

Pray, do tell ...