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  1. Your Inner Voice

    Dumbest post ever! Hawking is a genius, you are an idiot, it’s like arguing the earth is flat with Marco Polo or The Moon is made of cheese with Neil Armstrong. You live and you die, get used to it. Now grow up and stop wasting everyone’s time with this religion shit.

    • Sage Mike

      Your Inner Voice, obviously you haven’t opened up your heart to Infinitiaty — yet. Join us an infinite number of Gods can’t all be wrong.

      And, I’m insulted! I’ve written far stupider posts than that one.

  2. Jen

    I saw him on Larry King the other night and found the whole thing fascinating. I don’t know if we need a god or many gods but I’d hate to give up those days off for religious holidays.

    • Sage Mike

      Jen, that’s the beauty of Infinitiaty. Yes, you do have to accept an infinite number of Gods, but infinite Gods yields an infinite number of holidays.

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