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    • Sage Mike

      The only qualification is that you have a deep belief in Infinitiaty or that you are able to convincingly fake a deep belief. No, you can’t specialize in testing sluts. You must carry out the other tasks of the job as well. Testing sluts is just one of the all too infrequent perks.

  1. Octo-Dolls Satiricial Nesting Dolls

    What a horrible blow to a slut’s self-esteem to be rejected by Gods. It’s a shame, really.

    But, perhaps to be fully accepted and embraced by the clergy will help ease their suffering. Or maybe they just weren’t experienced enough…and need more practice. Yeah…that’s probably it.

    • Sage Mike

      You might be right about that. I guess it’s a good thing that, as part of the compassionate services that they offer to their flocks, the Infinitiaty clergy and particularly the Sages offer sluts help with getting the practice they need.

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