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  1. Octo-Dolls Satiricial Nesting Dolls

    Then perhaps God One should make it known that the holy books have lied about him and what he wants. After all, story after story tell how he tells different peoples to kill others, simply because they are heathens.

    • Sage Mike

      Good point. He doesn’t mind some good, old-fashioned, human-powered smiting when appropriate, but He expects people to wait to be explicitly told by Him do do the smiting rather than taking matters into their own hands and assuming–usually falsely–what He wants done. Until He explicitly issues those smiting instructions He expects his creations to be satisfied with watching the smiting that He does through His earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires and floods–even though there is no rationale whatsoever driving those disasters and they smite the devout along with the heathen. That’s entertainment.

  2. Wise words sage mike. I think we all should just chill out and wait for the next smiting, and bask in the glory that in being smited by the almighty we have provided him with entertainment.

    • Sage Mike

      Yes, we live to entertain the Gods by being smiting victims for them–as we all eventually are in one way or another.

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