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Sage Mike Prattles


    • You get a heaven catalog after you die. You then submit an application containing your first through tenth choices. The Gods who owns the first heaven on your list gets your application first. If He or She or she rejects you, that God passes your application to the God who owns the next heaven on your list. And so on. If all ten Gods turn you down your application is returned to you. You can then apply to another 10 Gods’ heavens. This process repeats until you either get accepted into a God’s heaven or you run out of Gods who are willing to accommodate God One’s creatures. If no God will accept you, you go to hell.

      You have an eternity to complete this process, which is fortunate because it can take a really long time for some people.

      While your application is being processed you cruise on the river Styx. Some people intentionally apply first for heavens that they know will reject them because the cruise is quite enjoyable and features enormous buffets and open bars.

Pray, do tell ...