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Misogyny: Is it endemic in the Infinitian religion?

Misogyny in Infinitiaty? No! Women and men are equals.

Misogyny in Infinitiaty? No! Women and men are equals.

A number of people took exception to something I wrote in a recent blog post. This just goes to show that Internet surfers are way too sensitive. The sentences in question were only tangential, and barely even relevant, to the topic of the post. The article was about whether we are created in God One’s image. The words in question alluded to the, at very worst, extremely low level of misogyny in the Infinitian religion.

The sentences that raised ire were the following:

“We assign genders to the Gods simply so we can use personal pronouns when referencing Them. We alternate between the sexes when assigning Gods genders so we can’t be accused of being misogynist bastards or misandrist bitches.”

The complainers (or should we call them whiners?), who were almost exclusively women, took offence to the suggestion that misogyny was not endemic in Infinitiaty. They said that, true, Infinitiaty alternates the assigning of genders to the Gods between the sexes, but God One has been assigned the male sex. Because God One is our Creator and not the other Gods, then, they claim, referring to God One as a male is sexist and anti-women.

Are Maleness and Misogyny One in the Same?

Poppycock. What the hell would these whiners have us do? God One is the most sexless being in this or any other universe. Nevertheless, we assign personal pronouns to the Gods, rather than using the impersonal pronoun, “It,” because it would be horribly insulting to do otherwise.

God One would be royally pissed off if, by using an impersonal pronoun, we lumped Him (or Her) in the same class as snot, excrement and Hoola Hoops. And, trust me, you don’t want to piss off God One any more than He (or She) already is. If you think there’s too much poverty, disease and smiting going on now, just try a stunt like that and see the wrath that God One will bring down on us if you do. It would be ugly. Even uglier than the world is now, if you can believe it. And it would still be so even if you can’t believe it.

We have to use a personal pronoun and we have only male and female ones to choose from. It had to be one or the other. Saying that choosing to refer to God One as “Him” proves misogyny is like saying that choosing broccoli over cauliflower as your one choice of side dish at a restaurant proves that you hate cauliflower. You may indeed hate cauliflower, but that one-time, fifty-fifty choice doesn’t prove it.

We’ve been referring to God One as “He” and “Him” for longer than anyone can remember. And we’ve been alternating between male and female for the Creator Gods up the chain before Him for probably as long. I don’t think anyone is one hundred percent certain how that choice was made. Maybe it was misogyny. I don’t know. But even if it was, that doesn’t prove that Infinitiaty is still inherently misogynistic.

I’m not saying that there are no misogynists among Infinitians. Of course there are. We don’t administer tests for backward thinking when we accept new church members. We just do a credit check on prospective parishioners before admitting them to the faith. Because Infinitiaty is a broad-tent religion, a few misogynists have likely snuck through the doors of that tent. We don’t condone them. We would like them to become more enlightened. And their continuing presence in very small numbers does not suggest that misogyny is endemic to the religion. Far from it.

I’m also not saying that Infinitiaty has never been misogynistic. In fact, it has had a very shameful past in that regard. You can read about it in part on a page titled Women of the Infinitian Religion in the history section of the Church of Infinitiaty web site. But that is the past.

People—and religions—can and do evolve. And Infinitiaty has evolved. In fact, I contend that, when it comes to sex and the sexes, it is the most equal religion in the world. (Although, calling those other “religions” religions degrades the word religion.)

Some of Our Favourite Religion Officers are Women

All positions in Infinitiaty are open equally to men and women. And I’m not just referring to sexual positions. I’m talking about even the most senior executive positions in the Church.

Turnover is high in the Church’s CEO position for a number of reasons. To name just two: If they stay in one place too long the police might find them. And, how much money can any one person spend? After receiving a couple of quarterly bonuses ranging up into the hundreds of millions of dollars, most CEOs of Infinitiaty move on. And few quarterly bonuses in the history of the Church have been less than $100-million.

The point is, the sex of the current CEO is not relevant because it may be different tomorrow. However, over the past 100 years CEOs been split roughly equally between men and women. And in one case, the CEO was transgendered, with the transition taking place while in office. Furthermore, I’m not supposed to reveal anything that may give away the identity of the current CEO because of legal problems, but I can tell you that the CEO is now a woman.

This equality of the sexes is true for all roles up and down the hierarchy of the Church, right down to the local church level. And, the last time I looked at the numbers, 51.2% of the Infinitiaty church franchisees were female. Another 2.75% were of an indeterminate sex.

What’s more, the salary for a position within the Church of Infinitiaty is the salary for that position. It doesn’t matter if that position is filled by a man or a woman. They’ll both get paid the same amount. Period.

So, is misogyny a systemic element of Infinitiaty? I would say the answer is a resounding “no!” So, stop your girly whining, bitches.

Pray, do tell ...