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A Savior

Visiting a savior? Nope. Not gonna happen.

Visiting a savior? Nope. Not gonna happen.

Many religions have myths of saviors past, present and/or future. As should be clear from the use of the word “myth” in the preceding sentence, Infinitians do not believe that there has ever been or ever will be one or One.

The reason for not believing that a savior has visited us in the past is obvious to any clear-thinking person. Take a look around you. Around the globe there are wars, armed insurrections and terrorism. On a more one-to-one basis, there are murders, rapes, muggings, burglaries and random violence. Then there are the natural disasters that create havoc and much suffering and loss of life seemingly randomly. If this is being saved, we’d hate to see what being damned look like.

No, it is not possible that someone or something has visited this world with the express purpose of saving us. Either that or He, She or It was incredibly incompetent.

(Side note: For some time, we thought that Superman was our savior. Then we found out that he was a fictional character so we thought it best if we stopped worshipping him. Besides, DC Comics already owned the rights to Superman, so there was no way for the Church’s holy treasury to benefit from him. So, what would be the point?)

Future Savior: What would be the point?

As to a savior coming to us in the future, this too is unrealistic. The truth of Created Evolution means that God One will replace the current version of humans, 2.x, with a new 3.0 version. Why would He waste his time and energy creating and sending us a savior to save us if he is only going to replace us with a new version? That would be pointless. God One is not pointless. Hence, we have not been and will not be visited by such a being, deity or otherwise.

Pray, do tell ...