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Misogyny: Is it endemic in the Infinitian religion?

Misogyny in Infinitiaty? No! Women and men are equals.

A number of people took exception to something I wrote in a recent blog post. This just goes to show that Internet surfers are way too sensitive. The sentences in question were only tangential, and barely even relevant, to the topic of the post. The article was about whether we are created in God One’s … [Read more…]

God’s Image — We’re Not Doppelgängers. Not even Close.

God's Image — It's Not Us

I recently received an email from someone named Gordon (Gord) Simage asking about God’s image. Gord claims to be an Infinitian, but I have my doubts. He asks, Dear Sage Mike, I understand that we were created by God One. At most, the other Gods just offered Him suggestions about our inner workings. I also … [Read more…]

Googling God: Searching for the God that’s right for you

Googling God or Google as a God?

Google is now so pervasive that googling is a widely accepted verb. Thus, the technology aspect of the following email from a befuddled and adrift parishioner named Sir Chen Jinn should not have surprised me: Dear Sage Mike, I’m despondent as all hell. I’ve given up on God One. I can’t stand what a horrible mess He’s … [Read more…]