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Church Franchises

Church Franchise Agreement

Church Franchise Agreement

Running a church is a complex and cumbersome endeavor. A highly centralized religion struggles, and often fails, to understand the needs, fears and emotional touchpoints of local church members. Yet, without that understanding the church cannot hope to maximize donations from its members.

One solution to this problem is for the religion to delegate significant control to its local religion-owned churches. However, there are only so many religion-owned resources to go around. Rapidly disseminating the religion and setting up churches around the world, while still retaining an acceptable level of quality in the religious product delivered to parishioners, would strain the available resources beyond the breaking point.

Infinitiaty has found the answer: Franchising. Franchises are now available for Infinitian Churches in locations around the world.

Franchise fees are very reasonable. The church franchise purchase fee is only $12-million. (The purchase fee must be paid in advance.) Annual fees for each franchise location are $3.2-million or 90 percent of the revenues taken in by the local church, whichever is greater.

Church Franchise: Any or All Gods

Franchised churches may worship just one of the infinity of Gods, a few of them, or all of them. The prices above are for franchised churches that worship all of the Gods. Prices for churches that worship just one or a few Gods are somewhat lower. Please contact the Church of Infinitiaty to get a quote for the church franchise you are considering. All franchise-holders are guaranteed an exclusive territory, within a four-block-square area, for the God or Gods that their franchised church worships.

In return for payment of the church franchise fees, franchise holders receive:

  • A detailed manual that includes two pages, including illustrations, on how to run Infinitiaty services.
  • Eight pages, including pictures and a handy ordering form, on proper Infinitian clergy attire.
  • And 127 pages on how to raise funds for the Church of Infinitiaty.
  • In addition, franchisees are entitled to buy Infinitiaty marketing materials and Infinitiaty clergy attire priced at the cost of production.*

Franchises may not be sold or transferred under any circumstances. If the original franchise-holder leaves the Church of Infinitiaty he or she forfeits all franchise rights without compensation. The Church of Infinitiaty may cancel franchises without notice or compensation if the Church of Infinitiaty deems that the franchisee has in any way besmirched the Church of Infinitiaty’s reputation. Failure to pay the required franchise fees within three days of their coming due will automatically result in the immediate cancellation of a franchise.

Want to see if you qualify for a Church of Infinitiaty franchise? Click here to submit an online aplication and receive an immediate response.


* The cost of production will be determined by the Church of Infinitiaty in-house businesses that produce those items and will include a reasonable profit for those in-house businesses. “Reasonableness” will be at the sole discretion of those in-house Church of Infinitiaty businesses.

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