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Infinitiaty Franchise Application Results

Sorry, .

We have reviewed your application and determined that, using our proprietary scoring algorithm, you received a score of only 22. You must receive a score of at least 90 to be accepted as a Church of Infinitiaty franchisee.

If you are willing to change your views in order to be acceptable as a franchisee, please feel free to adjust your beliefs and fill in the application with your new answers.

Note: In addition to the points that were assigned based on your responses, God One reviewed your application in the blink of an eye and added between 0 and 50 points, inclusive, to your score before we reported the result to you here. (We are not at liberty to reveal how much of your result came from the points assigned by God One.)

God One assigns points based on His assessment of your righteousness at that point in time. If he perceives your righteousness differently from one moment to the next, the score he assigns to you will differ depending on when you submit the application. What’s more, God One is quite fickle and indecisve, so he is likely to change the score that he assigns to you for a reason that is not apparent to us mortals, or for no reason at all. Thus, if you submit your application again with the same responses, your score is likely to be different the next time.