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Created Evolution

Created Evolution: How God One fixes His mistakes

Created Evolution: How God One fixes His mistakes

There is much debate between the religious and secular communities as to whether life was created or evolved. Both are right, in a way.

There has been a progression of creatures that, with each new successor species, became better at surviving and reproducing. The fossil and genetic evidence for that is difficult to dispute. However, natural selection is not the force that drives evolution. God One is the creator of evolution or, as it is called, Created Evolution.

Why does God One use a seemingly evolutionary approach to create species? To put it simply, He does not always get it right. His first attempt at a species is only a working model. When He sees the species in action and recognizes its imperfections He, over time, discards that species and replaces it with a new and improved species. And as isotope dating of fossil remains has made plain, God One has been at his trial and error approach to species creation for quite some time.

The Created Evolution of Life on Earth

Probably about 3.5 to 4 billion years ago (we can’t be sure exactly because God One was busy and lost track of time) God One created the first single-celled life, probably something like today’s bacteria. (We can’t be sure exactly what it looked like because God One has been busy over the billions of years and has forgotten the specifics of His original life design.) He has been tinkering with species ever since.

After he finished with some of the allegedly less intelligent species, God One decided to try to tackle humans. God Two and many of the higher Gods advised against this because it is so difficult to get intelligence right, as has been proven by the course of human history. Nonetheless, God One persisted and created allegedly intelligent animals, humans. Some earlier proto-human species that are part way between an earlier, possibly more chimp-like species and modern humans were God One’s human 1.x species (there were several intermediate releases within version 1). We are human 2.x. (There have been a number of bug fix releases since God One produced the 2.0 model. We don’t know what release number we are within the 2.x version.)

And God One is not finished yet. Looking at only our species, Homo sapiens sapiens, there are a great many design errors that he has yet to debug and correct when he brings out human 3.0. The following are just a small sampling of the flaws that He will fix in the future species that will replace ours in the next iteration of Created Evolution:

Mistakes to be Fixed

  • Our eyes are wired backwards. The nerves that connect the photoreceptors in our eyes are attached at the front, run along the retina to a hole in the retina. From there, they pass through the retina to travel to the brain. This creates a small blind spot. God One got this right in other animals. He will correct this wiring flaw it in human 3.0 through the process of Created Evolution.
  • Some cells in our bodies occasionally go rogue and multiply out of control. We call this cancer. God One will design better cell multiplication controls in the next model.
  • The accuracy of our reproductive processes are imperfect, resulting in birth defects. He will improve the quality of the copying facilities in humans’ DNA and RNA in the next version of our species.
  • In males, the urethra runs through the prostrate gland. As a result, when the prostrate enlarges with age some men have difficulty urinating and urination can be painful for these misfortunate men. In human 3.0 males, the routing of the urethra will be more intelligent—or at least a little intelligent; or the prostrate will not enlarge in old age; or, possibly, both. God One hasn’t yet decided how to solve this design flaw.
  • The appendix is a useless waste of cells that He carelessly copied from one of the species He created earlier, forgetting that there was no longer a purpose for it within His design for the human species. God One will declare the appendix redundant and do away with it when he replaces the current human model.
  • Some other animals, such as newts and salamanders, can regenerate limbs if they lose one. This would be very useful for people who lose arms and/or legs in an accident or war. God One will give us this regenerative feature in human 3.0.
  • He designed humans 1.x and 2.x with too many opportunities for invasion by destructive organisms. God One will include better organism-filtering mechanisms in our skins next time. He will pay particular attention to sex organs to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Either that or, if the filters prove to be too difficult a design challenge, He will sacrifice all of the organisms that He created that are harmful to humans, thus eliminating the need for filters as there will be nothing that needs filtering out.
  • For a portion of the way, air travels to our lungs through the same tube as food travels to our stomach. This leads to choking instances and, occasionally, the death of His Creations when there isn’t someone nearby who is familiar with the Heimlich maneuver. God One got the design right in some other organisms, giving them separate passageways for air and food so as to prevent any choking risk. He will copy this better design from other animals when He comes out with human 3.0.

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