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God One’s Great Plan

When things aren’t going the way you want them to people will often tell you, “Oh, it’s all part of God’s Great Plan.” Like that’s supposed to make it better. There’s an all-powerful being who is out to get you. The bad news is that they are correct.

God One does have a Great Plan. True, he kind of stumbled on the plan and it’s not very coherent. And, while we call it “great,” greatly atrocious would be more accurate. But it is a plan nonetheless.

Put the Great Plan to Work for You

That’s the bad news. The good news is that if you knew the plan you could organize your life in a way that would get the plan working for you. The problem is that few people know the plan.

Infinitians have an advantage. God One has agreed to reveal the plan to true Infinitians who have lived a pure life. So, if you are a true Infinitian who is pure in thought and deed, click the button on this page to learn the truth of God One’s Great Plan.  

God One's Great Plan

P.S: If you are not pure in thought and deed, don’t even bother trying. God one sees when you’ve been bad and good. He won’t reveal His Great Plan to you if you’ve been bad. Unless, of course, you’ve been bad in a way that enriches His Church. He might even punish you for trying to cheat your way into uncovering His Great Plan. He’s usually to lazy for that sort of thing. Buy you never know. You might catch Him in a foul mood. We recommend that you don’t risk it. You’ve been warned.

P.P.S.: This revelation offer is void where prohibited by law or where the Church could be held in any way liable for any consequences whatsoever. 

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