The Good Book


Chapter Zero

Before time as we know it, before our universe was formed, and before God One, our Lord, was created, there was another God, God Two. God Two, feeling unfulfilled, created God One, our Lord, out of the extrauniversal dust. Yea, verily it is so. Yea, verily it must be so.

As it must be, nothing can come into existence without being caused to come into existence. Thus, there was a God Two to create our God One. And, by the same irrefutable reasoning, there was a God Three to create God Two; and a God Four to create God Three; and a God Five to create God Four; and on; and on; and on to an infinite regress of Gods. Thus it must be. Thus was. Thus it is. Thus it will ever be. For ever and ever. Amen.

Many of Gods Two, Three, Four and so on also created their own universes in addition to creating their child-God, but that is not the case for all Gods.

God Infinity or, as It is more commonly known, G∞ is a concept that defies human comprehension. Yet, It must exist, because everything, including every Creator, must have a Creator. G∞ is the ultimate God that began the creation of all Gods and, therefore, all universes.

G∞ is a paradox. It must exist or else no creation could have been begun. Yet, It can't exist because then It would need to be created. Fortunately, G∞ is so far removed from us that we can safely not think or worry about It. Hallelujah.

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