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Infinitiaty is a well-structured religion. A very, very, very well-structured religion. It has a precise hierarchy of executive, marketing and accounting staff. There’s also clergy, but they are well down the ladder.

No one is allowed to deviate from this line of command. Penalties for such offenses are not clearly defined. However, they are meted out by the most severe of Gods. Being Gods, they are really, really, really powerful. Need we say more?

The need for such structure is clear. Like any organized spiritual venture, there’s a lot to be done. It’s far too much to be left to the unorganized rabble to perform. Leaving it to the spiritual masses might improve Church morale. But it would destroy Church efficiency. And efficiency is paramount when serving the Gods.

Parishioners must be tended to. Proselytizing, i.e. religious marketing, must be undertaken. Philosophies that adhere to the religion’s marketing messages must be developed. Tithes and dues must be collected. Late fees, and sometimes harsher enforcement methods, must be employed against delinquent parishioners. Tithes and dues must be laundered. And so on. The work is limitless and eternal.

Hierarchy and Discipline: Keys to Religious Success

Doing all of that in the most efficient manner possible is critical to maintain healthy Church margins. And that requires extreme Church structure and discipline. This can be maintained only through a carefully planned and rigidly enforced hierarchy. Rigorously enforced structure is, therefore, essential.

In all modesty, we can honestly say that no other “religion” does hierarchy better than Infinitiaty. None. Others may try. And some, such as Catholicism, try very hard at such rigidity. People might marvel at how immutable Catholicism is. But neither it nor any of the other faux religions can hold a candle to us when it comes to the diligent enforcement of inflexibility. Then again, what would you expect? We are, after all, the only true religion, Infinitiaty.

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  Infinitiaty Hierarchy

Chief Tithing Officer (CTO) Tithing Enforcement Manager Tithe Laundering Manager (TLM) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Regional Managers Church Managers Church Reverends


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