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Church Managers

Church Manager: Identity obscured so he/she won't be pestered.

Church Manager: Identity obscured so he/she won’t be pestered.

Church Managers are the highest level of authority within a local church. Local Church Reverends report to the local Church Manager. To avoid the risk of spirituality disrupting cash flow, local clergy cannot do or say anything without the approval of their Church Manager. And Church Managers can cannot approve any practice or statement that has not been previously approved by the Church of Infinitiaty headquarters.

The Church Manager is responsible for maximizing local donations to the church, making sure that local church affairs run smoothly, and keeping the church infrastructure in good working order. For example, each day after services, the Church Manager must check for and scoop up any loose change that might have fallen behind the pew cushions. That change is sent to Church of Infinitiaty headquarters weekly. Once a month, the Church Manager must scrupulously check the pews to ensure that they are still angled sufficiently to encourage change to slide out of parishioners’ pockets.

Church Manager Liability

It is not made clear to Church Managers when they join the church, but no one above Church Managers will assume legal responsibility for church affairs. Thus, Church Managers will be the defendants in any civil lawsuits or criminal charges against the church. Church Managers must assume full responsibility for any and all legal fees they incur. Those legal fees can come from local church funds, but will not reduce the franchise fees and royalties that the local church must pay to Infinitiaty headquarters.

Because they are at the front lines of cash flow generation for the Church of Infinitiaty, Church Managers are kept honest by always-on video cameras that link directly to Church of Infinitiaty headquarters.

Church Managers can be franchise-holders or they may be employees of the franchise-holders. If franchisees, their income is the puny percentage they receive from the donations taken in at their churches. If employees, the franchisee is free to hire and fire them and set their salaries.

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