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Church Reverends

Church Reverends. Identity hidden to avoid embarrassment.

Church Reverends. Identity hidden to avoid embarrassment.

Church Reverends are the front-line workers who manufacture spirituality for the Church of Infinitiaty. Which is to say that they are the contact point for parishioners. However, they are generally looked down upon by everyone else in the church hierarchy.

One of their primary roles is to make parishioners believe that the church actually loves and cares for them. Strong acting skills are, therefore, a minimum requirement for this job. The Church usually tries to find people who actually believe that crap. When it does, it makes them reverends. But it’s almost impossible to find such people.

Beggars for Dollars: Church Reverends

It is also the Reverends’ job to convince church members that donating large sums of money will win them favor with one or more of the infinity of Gods. And that donating an insufficient amount will anger several of the Gods. Because no one can know the minds of Gods, Reverends preach that parishioners should give everything they’ve got — and more — to minimize the chance that one of the Gods will think that the donation is inadequate.

Reverends promise that parishioners who give enough money will be accepted into one of the Gods’ heavens. However, which God’s heaven and whether they get into a good neighborhood of that heaven will depend on how much the parishioners donate above the minimum acceptable threshold.

Reverends are under the strict authority of their local Church Manager. However, they are free to preach the sermons and gospel handed down from the Church of Infinitiaty headquarters without first getting approval of their Church Manager. In fact, Church Reverends are not allowed to say anything that has not been scripted by church headquarters.

Church Reverends are hired by the local Church Managers, who also set the salary for the Reverends. Church Reverends are typically hired out of local theater companies, They typically work only part-time, without benefits.

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