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Regional Managers

Regional Managers: Managing Religion Around the Globe

Regional Managers: Managing Religion Around the Globe

Regional Managers are the second level in what is a classic religion-based pyramid scheme. Or, to use its more politically correct name, a religious multi-level marketing program. The first level of the pyramid is the Church of Infinitiaty’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Infinitiaty’s Regional Managers are responsible for spreading the Infinitian religion throughout the world as quickly as possible through franchised Infinitian churches. They report to the COO.

A regional manager does not receive a salary. Instead, he or she receives a tiny percentage of the donations brought in by the church franchisees that the regional manager recruits.

Regional Managers Build Franchisee Pyramids

Franchisees can then recruit additional church franchisees. In that case, in addition to receiving a puny portion of the funds raised through his or her own church, a franchisee receives an infinitesimal percentage of the funds raised from parishioners of the franchisees that he or she recruits. And Regional Managers get their share of that small percentage.

In this way, the vast majority of the donations brought in by the individual church franchises is passed up the ladder to the Church of Infinitiaty enterprise. Only a very small percentage is raked off at each level of the pyramid. The church does not impose any limit on the number of layers that can be formed in this multi-level marketing program.

The managers of the individual churches at all lower levels of the pyramid, report to the Regional Manager.

Regional managers are hired based on their ability to fool most of the people most of the time. Regional managers who prove themselves able to fool all of the people all of the time have a chance to be promoted to the senior ranks of the Church of Infinitiaty. If he or she is caught trying to fool a higher-up in the Church of Infinitiaty organization, a Regional Manager will be fired immediately. Of course, if the Regional Manager truly can fool all of the people all of the time, this won’t be an issue.

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