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Jesus Christ

Jesus-Christ: Was he the son of one of the infinite number of Gods other than One?

Jesus-Christ: Was he the son of one of the infinite number of Gods other than One?

Popular belief notwithstanding, Infinitiaty does recognize Jesus Christ. It’s just that we don’t recognize him in the same way that Christianity recognizes him. We recognize Christ in much the same way that you might recognize a well-publicized movie star who has a horde of fans following him.

As popular as he may be, we definitely don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God, at least not the son of God One. Births, virgin or otherwise, are not God One’s style. If He wanted a son of human form He would have simply created one. Gods are, after all, capable of creating other Gods. Otherwise, how else could Gods have come to be? Nothing can exist without something causing it to come into existence, not even a God. Hence, there must be an infinity of Gods created by other Gods. This reality is the very foundation of Infinitiaty. So God One is perfectly capable of creating a son without the help of a human female.

To anyone who spends time thinking about it rationally, it isn’t plausible that God One would father a son through a human birth. God One is very prudish and has long thought that He made a major design flaw when He gave humans sex organs and immensely pleasurable orgasms. It is expected that when He introduces humans 3.0 they will reproduce asexually so as to no longer offend God One’s sensibilities. Thus, there is no way that God One would have allowed His son to come into our world through a woman’s vagina, even if the conception was virginal.

Was Jesus Christ the Son of Another God?

It should be noted that, despite it being virtually impossible that Christ was the son of God One, it is possible that he was the son of another God. God One is the exception among Gods when it comes to His Puritanism. Most of the other Gods think that sex is the best thing that God One ever invented. In fact, the general feeling among the other Gods is that God One must have had some help with that because They believe that He isn’t smart enough to come up with something as wonderful as sex.

Because of Their love of sex, many of the other Gods frequently temporarily occupy human bodies for the sole purpose of having sex. Fortunately, only a finite, not particularly large number of the Gods visit God One’s universe. Otherwise we’d be screwing constantly, leaving us always exhausted and without any time to get any work done.

Therefore, it is possible that Jesus Christ was the product of a union with a God-inhabited body. These sorts of births are, no doubt, quite common.

Obviously, the reality of frequent births by Gods other than God One is little known. If that fact was common knowledge, it would be used often as an excuse when a husband discovers that he is not the biological father of his wife’s child. “What could I do, dear? A God occupied my body and jumped on the bones of my well-muscled personal trainer. It wasn’t me. Honest. I would never cheat on you. Never.” Or, “He was a God in a hunky guy’s body, dear. I didn’t want to have sex with Him, but it would have been physically impossible for me to resist Him. Honest. I mean, you can’t thwart the will of an omnipotent God, now can you? I would never cheat on you. Never.” Mary probably used one of those lines on Joseph when he found out that she was pregnant without him having had the pleasure of an orgasm inside her.

That having been said, it’s doubtful that Jesus was the son of one of the other Gods. The other Gods think that God One is a putz. There is no way that any other God would allow God One to take credit for knocking up Mary if Jesus Christ was, in fact, the son of another God.

The Infinitian view of Jesus Christ is that he was likely a human being who was a great orator and who had, and still has, some terrific PR backing him up and blowing some of his accomplishments way out of proportion and beyond rational belief.

This is not to suggest that we don’t love and respect Jesus Christ. We do. He was responsible for founding a movement that grew to amass enormous wealth. Just look at the property, works of art, and cash that the Catholic Church has. And that is to say nothing of the prosperity of Christian televangelists. You’ve got to revere someone who gave his name to a brand that was capable of generating so much wealth even after his death. We do.

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