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Other Religions. Other Gods.

Other Religions: Are higher-order Gods just messing with heathens' minds?

Other Religions: Are higher-order Gods just messing with heathens’ minds?

Because Infinitians believe there are an infinity of Gods, some people ask us whether some of the other religions’ gods, both current religions and ones that existed in the past but have been mostly given up today, could be the higher order Gods. The calling of cults such as Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and so on is offensive to us. Nevertheless, the Sages of Infinitiaty have pondered this question long and hard. They’ve decided that they don’t know, but almost certainly not.

Most of the Sages point out that most of the higher-order Gods would consider it demeaning to involve themselves in the affairs of a lower-order God, such as our Lord. True, they rule over the lower-order Gods. But if they are unhappy with something a lower-level God or one of His or Her creations does they generally work through the God hierarchy. Plus, they generally deal directly with the offending God rather than mucking about with His, Her or Its creations.

Dissenting Opinions: “Other Religions.”

Dissenting Infinitiaty Sages suggest that this would not necessarily prevent all higher-order Gods from making their presence known in the universes of the lower order Gods. It is well known that some of the Gods are itinerant practical jokers. It is not out of the question that some of Them might inappropriately reveal themselves to mortals of the opposite sex or to young children, say, for example in a park or on a public transit vehicle. So, yes, it is possible that some of the Gods of other religions are, in fact, higher-order Gods playing practical jokes on humans.

Then again, some of the other Gods just like to mess with us. They find it entertaining. And, if truth be told, they don’t have much respect for our God. They think He’s a putz. Or should that be Putz?

Because we can’t be 100 percent certain that other religions’ Gods aren’t higher-order Gods and because the higher-order Gods can go over the lower-order Gods’ heads to reach down into our universe and smite us, we respect all religions and their Gods, even if we are reasonably convinced that they are hokum. The same goes for the spiritual founders of “religions” without a god or god, such as Buddhism.

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