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Most Gods, including God One, do not have any signs associated with Them. Some of Them have adopted distinctly British-looking coats of arms and tartans to represent them, but those Gods are considered hopelessly eccentric by the other Gods. As a result, we are not required to make those signs, wear them, or bear them on our buildings. And you will gain no special privileges by doing so. In fact, making, wearing or bearing those symbols will cause the other Gods to laugh at you behind your back in the unlikely event that they are watching you.

There is one notable exception. The one God that simultaneously can’t exist, yet must exist, G∞, the God that is infinitely higher than our own god, God One, does have a sign. Its symbol is ∞.

Symbols: God Infinity

Symbols: God Infinity

This symbol is clear proof that G∞ and, therefore, all of the infinity of Gods below G∞ must exist. Why, you ask, is this proof of the infinity of Gods? Think about it. Scientists have chosen ∞ as the symbol to represent their concept of infinity. We have finite brains. Thus, how can a human brain have possibly conceived of the concept of infinity? Clearly, it could only have been placed their by a god — either God One, Who did so to honor the Infinitely Godly God, or by G∞ Itself.

Symbols: God Infinity and Infinitiaty

Furthermore, many scientists are atheists and, therefore, would never knowingly choose a religious symbol to represent any of their concepts. Yet, they chose ∞ as the symbol for the concept of infinity, while G∞ also chose it as Its symbol? The chances of that happening by coincidence are so small as to be virtually impossible. Thus, it must have a supernatural, i.e., godly, causation. Ergo, G∞, and all of the Gods below it, must exist. QED.

It is generally assumed that G∞ is so far removed from humans that we gain nothing by making or wearing Its sign. Then again, we’re not really sure of that so we frequently display G∞’s symbol just to be on the safe side.

Devout Infinitians will frequently trace the symbol of G∞ with their finger in the air in front of their chests. Well endowed Infinitian women will sometimes vary this sign-making by encircling each breast with one of the circles in the ∞ symbol as they trace it. These women typically then get very upset when men ogle their breasts as they are making the sign.

infinitiaty Store

Devout Infinitians also buy and wear considerable ∞-bearing merchandise from the Infinitiaty store to demonstrate their love for G∞, God One, all of the Gods in between and the Infinitian religion. It’s the infinitely godly thing to do and you can’t put a price on that. (The Church of Infinitiaty Store is divinely happy to put a price on it for you so save you the bother.)  

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