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The Bible

The Infinitian Bible is a beautiful, spiritual work of non-fiction.

One is conditioned to think of the bible as a static document. Two or even a dozen might suffer from the same delusional conditioning. However, true believers—Infinitians of the highest order—know that the bible cannot and must not be unchanging.

Stuff, as they say, happens. And it continues to happen even today. Because it all happens under God One’s watchful eyes and His occasional direction, along with the sometimes playful and sometimes downright nasty interventions of many of the other infinite number of Gods, it is worthy of chronicling in His book.

In addition, the Books of the Bible are the words of God One, the instigator of the Big Bang that caused our universe to come into existence. God One is also the direct creator of humans and many of the other species on Earth.

Although, the words of the Bible are not always the direct words of God One. His spelling, grammar and literary style is atrocious. Therefore, he often contracts humans to be his ghost writers and/or editors. Those people are human and can make mistakes, but rarely as many as God One. Some of those mistakes will eventually be corrected.

Bible Evolution: Fixing Mistakes

Then there are the mistakes that God One frequently makes. Contrary to the beliefs of the heathen religions, God One is only a god. He isn’t perfect. He makes mistakes. And he is very forgetful. You’d be forgetful too if you were as old as he is. Amplify His mistakes by the mistakes of his human helpers, and there is a lot of room for improvement.

Those improvements will be made in good time. However, God One measures time on a geological scale, so you might not be around to see them.

God One’s forgetfulness causes another problem. He wrote a great many Books of the Bible—more than you can count unless you were unable to graduate from kindergarten. But many of them were subsequently lost. Then He forgot about them. Every once in a while, someone—usually a Sage of the Church of Infinitiaty—discovers one of those lost Books, typically stuffed under a couch or sitting on a shelf inside a long disused outhouse. Those Books are published as they are discovered, interpreted from their original gibberish if necessary, and properly disinfected.

The following books of the bible are currently available. Stay tuned for more:

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