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Book of Kristi: Chapter 15

Fire Miracle: Kristi Saves a Man From a Fire

Fire Miracle: Kristi Saves a Man From a Fire

In Gotham there lived a family headed by Kaleb Joseph Kibosh. Why families were always considered to be headed by males, when God One Himself had appointed Kristi his Sage and One True Prophet of her time, is unknown. It’s just the way it was.

Kaleb had one wife and four children. The family was poor, but good. They shared what little they had with those even less fortunate than them. They took care of the sick, not just in their own family, but their neighbours as well. If someone needed something built or fixed, one or more of the Kiboshes was always the first of the Gothamites to volunteer. Usually, they were the only ones to volunteer. Most Gothamites weren’t of a volunteering nature.

Most of this good work was performed by Kaleb’s family for Kaleb toiled throughout the day at work that paid almost nothing.

The Kiboshes were pious. They prayed to Gods twelve times a day. This included one daily prayer to God One. In addition, they prayed to eleven other Gods each day, never repeating any God other than God one. Thus, over the course of their lives, they could show their love for as many of the infinite number of Gods as possible.

The Kibosh family lived in a house that they built entirely with their own labour. Being poor, it was constructed from wood they had painstakingly scavenged from a nearby forest. Not being able to afford wheeled transport, they carried the wood by hand to their small patch of property in Gotham.

One day, a horrible fire ignited in the Kibosh abode. The flames spread rapidly and engulfed the home in no time.

As it happened, Kristi Just Kristi encountered the burning building on her way to her lab. She likely would have found a cure for tuberculosis had she not been waylaid. Seeing a gap in the flames by the door of the house, Kristi rushed into the conflagration without concern for her safety.

Moments later, she staggered out dragging the grossly burned, but still living body of Kaleb. Much of Kristi’s clothes were burned off her body. Her hair was singed. And she suffered second-degree burns to one quarter of her body. But she was otherwise unharmed. The rest of Kaleb’s family were too far back in the house for Kristi to save them from the scorching flames. They died excruciating deaths. Their horrifying screams could be heard for some time until they finally succumbed.

Fire Miracle

Yet, miraculously, Kaleb lived.

By the time Kristi had dragged him outside, a crowd had formed. They saw what Kristi had done. And they collectively lifted their heads to the heavens and shouted, “In a fire so great everyone should have perished. Yet, God One through His Sage and One True Prophet, Kristi, saved Kaleb. Kaleb’s initials are KJK, just like Kristi Just Kristi. Thus, it is a clear sign! It is a miracle! Praise be to God One and His Prophet, Kristi!”

Some time later, it was learned that Kaleb had intentionally ignited the fire that consumed his home and family. He had recently taken out a large insurance policy on the house and his family. He hoped to collect on it, not expecting that the fire would spread too quickly for him to get out safely.

Soon after that, a woman in a town 20 miles from Gotham came forward and admitted that she had been Kaleb’s mistress. While Kaleb’s family thought he was toiling long and hard at a job that paid near slave wages, he had actually been spending his time with his mistress, where, it was said, he was indeed long and hard, just not working lo

The people of Gotham heard of Kaleb’s wickedness. And they gathered together. And they collectively raised their heads towards the heavens and shouted, “God One, Our God, God of our fathers, you are truly great. You have forgiven such a wretch as Kaleb and saved him from the flames. Only a true God could be so merciful.”

And the people of Gotham became more pious. They worshipped God One with yet greater vigor. And their veneration of His Sage and One True Prophet, Kristi, increased.

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