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Book of Kristi: Chapter 4

Intelligent Infancy Through Childhood and Beyond

Intelligent Childhood

Intelligent Childhood

Sarah was not like other infants in Gotham. She showed signs of being intelligent. Even at the age of six months she would point meaningfully at alphabetic, numeric and arithmetic symbols.

As her eyes scanned a page, her fingers repeatedly stabbed in sequence at the characters “E,” “=,” “M,” “C,” and “2.” She had a bit of a nervous tick whenever she did this. As she pointed at the “2,” her pudgy little index finger flicked upward slightly.

Nobody knew why she kept repeating this pointing sequence, but they took it as a sign. Of what, they didn’t know. Not a clue. But they were convinced it was a sign.

Crawling came early and easily to Sarah. This was an important skill for her. She used it to escape her parents’ incessant babbling of “baby talk” at her. Despite not yet being able to speak, she was convinced there were more important things to listen to. And she was equally convinced that her parents were not up to the job of educating her.

It wasn’t long before crawling evolved into toddling.

Intelligent Toddler

Sarah was not like other toddlers in Gotham. She showed signs of intelligence.

By the time she was able to toddle, she could already read the most advanced of books. Considering that the most highly educated adults in Gotham struggled to comprehend simple comic books, this was seen to be a miracle. Yet, the school officials did not advance her entry into school because they feared her presence would hurt the self-esteem of the other, older students.

Intelligent Preschooler

Sarah was not like other preschoolers in Gotham. She showed signs of intelligence. For one thing, she was truly a preschooler. Most other children in Gotham would never be accepted into any school, no matter how low its standards.

Sarah, on the other hand, was accepted into school as soon as she reached the appropriate age. Here entry was heralded by the teaching staff. They were hoping that they could bugger off because Sarah was more capable of leading a class than they were.

Intelligent Grade-Schooler

Sarah was not like the other grade-schoolers of Gotham. She showed signs of intelligence. In fact, none of her teachers ever knew what the hell she was talking about. The other students didn’t even bother to try to figure her out.

Sarah dropped out of school in the middle of grade three. She felt this was for the best because she spent so much time teaching her teachers that she didn’t have time to learn anything herself.

Plus, she was very socially uncomfortable in class. Because the school accelerated her progress, Sarah was only six in grade three. Most of her classmates were in their twenties and thirties. Sarah found it difficult to relate to them because they were so immature.

Despite leaving school, Sarah continued to learn voraciously. She accomplish this primarily by closely examining the world and phenomena around her and by performing complex experiments of her own design.

She continued her learning into her young adulthood and beyond.

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