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Book of Kristi: Chapter 7

Propheteering—Early Days

Kristi's Early Propheteering Days

Kristi’s Early Propheteering Days

In the beginning, Kristi Just Kristi’s work as a Sage or, as she liked to call it, a propheteer, didn’t take up much of her time. God One gave her some five-day weather forecasts that she passed along to her relatives, friends and acquaintances. That was about it for her propheteering.

God One was somewhat close to being right in his weather forecasts at least 75 percent of the time. Thus, Kristi gradually built up her credibility as a prophet.

God One then started giving Kristi tips on camel races. As her new followers made money off the tips she shared with them, their faith in her grew yet stronger.

Kristi’s Minions Expand to Hear Her Propheteering

As Kristi’s minions expanded in numbers, bookmakers quit their jobs. They could no longer find punters willing to take the other sides of bets. God One was pleased at the cessation of gambling. He didn’t know why, but he sensed that gambling was not a noble pursuit for his creations.

However, some of Kristi’s followers began to doubt her when their source of gambling income dried up. But those were few in number as her other propheteering efforts often benefited them greatly and were somewhat more accurate than random guesses.

Over time, the number of people who followed Kristi to seek her advice, ask he to tell their fortunes and beseech her to put in good word for the with God One grew. And it became a burden on her.

Ironically, neither she nor God One had foreseen the magnitude of this burden.

It got so bad that Kristi built a wall around her yard and hired guards to keep the hordes from invading her personal space. When using a public latrine she had to securely bolt the door to prevent people following her in there. In short, the propheteering she performed on God One’s behalf was making her life a living hell.

But she persevered and continued to prophesy and be sagely.

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