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Book of Kristi: Chapter 10

Raising the Dead: Kristi Brings Widow’s Son Back from Death

Raising the Dead: Kristi brings boy back from death

Raising the Dead: Kristi brings boy back from death

There was a naturally formed swimming hole on the outskirts of Gotham. This was of no interest to the Gothamites as no one in Gotham now or in the past could swim.

As Kristi was walking past it one day she came upon a woman carrying the lifeless body of a young boy. The woman was weeping grievously.

The woman cried unto Kristi, “My only son fell into the swimming hole and drown just moments ago. What am I to do? I am a widow. I was counting on my son to devote his life to me. Now who shall take care of me? He was a little twerp, and I beat him mercilessly for that, but at least he recognized his unquestionable duty to me. Why hath the Gods allowed this to happen to me? Wasn’t one of the infinite number of Gods available to save him?”

Kristi commanded the woman to lay her son onto the hard, unforgiving ground. And Kristi put her mouth upon the lips of the lifeless boy despite the weird looks from the people who were wondering if she was a pedophile necrophiliac. And Kristi blew into the boy’s mouth twice. And then she pressed heavily on the boy’s chest 30 times. And then she blew into his mouth again twice and pressed on his chest again 30 times. And she repeated this holy sequence four times.

Raising The Dead Son

The boy then gasped for breath on his own.

And the mother did rejoice. “My son! He is alive! Kristi brought him back from the dead to the living! He can serve me! Praise be to God One for the miracle He has delivered to me through his Sage and One True Prophet, Kristi.”

All of the people who had gathered around Kristi, the widow and her son were seized with fear of a God who could be so heartless as to drown the boy in the first place. Yet they glorified God, saying, “A great Prophet has arisen among us!” and “God One has visited his people!”

The report of Kristi’s miracle of raising the boy from the dead spread through the whole of the Greater Gotham Area and all of the surrounding countryside.

The mother sent her son home to do his chores while she went to the bar of the local inn to celebrate and praise the Gods. And she and the local preacher gave special, private thanks to the Gods in one of the rooms at the inn. And she didst shout, “Oh, God!” many times that afternoon, evening and into the early night before leaving the room at the inn to return to her young son.

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