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Book of Kristi: Chapter 19

Resurrection: Kristi rises from the dead on the 3rd day

Resurrection: Kristi rises from the dead on the 3rd day

Resurrection: Kristi rises from the dead on the 3rd day

It came to pass that, three days after Kristi’s execution, the people of Gotham began to fear that the Gods might get angry about the indignity that had been cast upon their One True Prophet. They thus demanded that the body of Kristi be turned over to them for a respectful burial in the full sight of the Gods. Or, at least, in the full sight of the few Gods who gave a damn about God One’s creations.

Josiah didn’t admit the indecencies that he and his friend committed upon Kristi’s body. Investigative medical techniques were still primitive because neither God One nor any other of the infinite number of Gods had yet chosen to tell God One’s creations about blood typing, let alone DNA and how to use it to identify bodily detritus. Thus, Josiah saw no harm in showing the townsfolk where he and his friend had interred, aka dumped, Kristi’s body.

Proof of Resurrection

Josiah led a small delegation of Kristi’s followers, who would later be known as Her Disciples, to the spot where he had dumped Kristi’s body. Upon his arrival, he was shocked to find that the body was no longer there.

Nor was there any sign of it in the immediate area. Then again, a torrential rain the previous day would have obliterated tracks and drag marks had there been any.

“Kristi has risen!” shouted one of the soon-to-be Disciples. The other pending Disciples took up the cry of Kristi’s resurrection as they marched back into town, spreading The Word that God One, or possibly one of the other Gods, had taken Kristi up into His or Her heaven to sit by His or Her side.

A further sign from one of the Gods was found the next day. A lion that had been harassing Gotham was discovered to have died from an extreme case of gluttony.

The human bones that were found in it’s lair were taken as proof of the divine hand in their tormenter’s death because all citizens of Gotham and the surrounding area were accounted for. Clearly, God One or one of the other Gods had created a human for the lion to devour. It died when its stomach burst due to its voracity.

“Kristi died for our sins,” shouted the soon-to-be-Disciples. “God One or some other God has thus forgiven us and freed us from the threat of the lion that terrorised us. Blessed be to God One, or some other God, and His or Her late One True Prophet and Sage, Kristi!”

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