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Book of Kristi: Chapter 5

Young Adult: Sarah Grows Up

No paintings or sketches of Sarah as a young adult have ever been found. Instead, we post this picture of a flower.

No paintings or sketches of Sarah as a young adult have ever been found. Instead, we post this picture of a flower.

At the age of twelve, Sarah had not yet flowered into full womanhood. At least, “flowering into full womanhood” was what the religious men in the area called it. But what Sarah would soon come to know as “the start of my monthly bloody nuisance.”

Nevertheless, she had already achieved the mental age of an adult, which is to grossly underrate the blessing from God One that was her brain. Her knowledge and intelligence far surpassed that of any adult in Gotham or the surrounding area.

True, top billing in an intelligence show anywhere in the Greater Gotham Area was not a major accomplishment. But Kristi would have secured that spot handily anywhere in the world.

God One looked down on Sarah and smiled, despite having a nagging suspicion that her intelligence would make her feisty in her relationship with Him. Worse, He wasn’t entirely certain that He was any smarter than she was, which was rather embarrassing considering He was her Creator.

She was also becoming very physically dexterous and mechanically inclined. With just a few hours of effort she could build a working internal combustion engine in a time when engines had not been invented by anyone else—and wouldn’t be for millennia. Hers ran on the fresh dung of any animal.

A Good Heart

In addition to her genius and dexterity, even as a young adult Sarah had a good heart. Her other internal organs were quite healthy too.

In addition to having a heathy heart, she was a caring soul. Despite already being smart enough to realize that her fellow citizens of Gotham were numbskulls of epic proportions, she wanted none of them to suffer. She helped them in their hours of need wherever and whenever she could. And, damn, were they ever needy!

And, what was, by far, most important to the town’s politicians, elders, dignitaries, celebrities, and boffins—all of whom were men, as was the custom of the day—Sarah was starting to become a real looker, as they say.

Even at her still young age, God One suspected He had great plans for her. He wasn’t quite sure what those plans were, if they were real, or if they would come to fruition. In truth, He wasn’t very good at planning or knowing His own thinking, let alone executing His plans.

And as Sarah grew into full adulthood her intelligence, knowledge and ingenuity blossomed to an almost unimaginable level—a level that would certainly have been unimaginable for the other Gothamites had they not seen an example of it in Sarah. Yet, what was still most important to the misogynist menfolk of Gotham, which was all of the menfolk of Gotham, she grew much more beautiful all the while.

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