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Telling the truth that Genesis leaves untold…

Infiniteness: Like Genesis, but RealIn the rare pensive moments that religion discourages but cannot wholly  prevent, followers of the heathen religions of Christianity and Judaism find their faith wanting. The first book of their Bible, Genesis, attempts to explain the big questions of how did we get here and what did we do for fun once we did, but it comes up short.

Genesis leaves us with an even bigger—much bigger—question of, not where did we come from, but where did our Creator come from? InfiniGenesis answers this question. What’s more, unlike Genesis, InfiniGenesis is the God’s honest truth. How much you trust the honesty of God One or any other of the infinite number of Gods is up to you. We’ve been sworn to secrecy on that point.

Finally, with this truth told and explained, you can put your mind to rest and cease to think evermore. The joy, the bliss, of empty-mindedness will guide you throughout your days and many of your nights.

But, wait. There’s more!

If you are a heathen follower of Christianity or Judaism—or, we should more accurately say a loyal follower of a heathen religion like Christianity or Judaism—and you have the slightest of brains in your head you have no doubt have been troubled by a puzzling and more than a little yucky question: If humanity started with just Adam and Eve, as Genesis says, how did it grow to a third generation and beyond without one hell of a lot of incest going on? Did we say, yuck?

InfiniGenesis answers this question in the most satisfying and truthful of ways. We won’t spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that Genisis got it wrong. Adam and Eve were not alone among God One’s human creations.

Curious? Read on starting before the beginning with Chapter Zero.

Pray, do tell ...