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The Rapture

Like many of the sects within Christianity—a ridiculously monotheistic religion that, unlike Infinitiaty, is declining in popularity—Infinitiaty believes in The Rapture. However, our view of it differs greatly from the Christian view.

There is some variation among the Christian sects as to the specifics of The Rapture. In general, Christians believe that The Rapture has not happened yet, but it will happen in the future. And, the most common belief is that it will happen only once. Although, some Christians think that it will happen as two events.

The Christian belief is that The Rapture will occur when Christ returns to Earth. According to this myth, at that time—a time generally associated with The End Times—the living who believe in the alleged “one true God” and Christ, the allegedm”one true Son of the one true God,” will be lifted up to heaven to be with Christ and his Dad. Preferably, these people will also have adhered to a respectable code of ethics for most of their lives. However, that is often considered to be less important than simply believing in Jesus and his putative father.

Oh, and people who died before The Rapture happens, and who fulfilled the believing in God and his Son criteria when they were alive, may receive a get-out-of-death-free card. If so, they can then join those among the living who are taken up to be roommates with God and his Son.

But all that is merely the myth of a faux religion, Christianity.

The Rapture: It's not what you've been told it is.

The Rapture: It’s not what you’ve been told it is.

The Infinitian view of The Rapture—the true view—differs from the Christian view in almost all aspects. First, and most obvious, we do not believe in one true God. We believe in an infinite number of true Gods.

Second, we don’t believe in a Christ that is the Son of God One, our Creator. However, we do recognize the slight possibility that Christ might have been the Son of one of the other Gods. However, if that is the case then the God-parent would be too embarrassed to admit to the fact, so it’s not worth worrying about. (See Jesus Christ.)

The Rapture, Times Billions and Billions

Third, we don’t believe that The Rapture is an event that will occur only in the future or only once. In fact, we believe that it has already happened not just once, but billions of times. And it will happen billions of times more before the End Times. However, we do agree that The End Times will put a stop to The Rapture for the current version of humans. (See End Times and Created Evolution.)

Fourth, we believe that everyone involved in The Rapture will remain in corporeal form right here on earth.

Fifth, we don’t believe that any set of beliefs or any level of righteousness is a requirement for being a participant. In fact, a lot of very sinful nonbelievers have participated in The Rapture a great many times, and they will continue to participate in The Rapture a great many times more in the future. Furthermore, a number of totally righteous believers have, despite their greatest desires, rarely, if ever, participated in The Rapture. With their luck, looks, and/or low self-esteem, they probably never will. They are generally referred to as Rapture Virgins.

Sixth, we don’t believe that any God, Son of God, or Daughter of God has been or will be directly involved in more than a miniscule percentage of The Raptures that have already occurred or will occur in the future. That having been said, many people who have participated in them have indeed shouted “OH GOD” during it.

Unfortunately, we can’t be any more explicit here in our description of the Infinitian view of The Rapture without incurring the wrath of, and possibly a boycott by, many of the more uptight believers of some of the more prudish religions. We wouldn’t want that, now would we.

Fortunately, there are a great many excellent documentaries on the Infinitian version of The Rapture that you can view if you are yearning for more information. You can find many of them on the xxx high-level Internet domain or wherever fine porn is sold.

Pray, do tell ...