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The Sexes and Genders of the Gods

Gods' Sexes and Genders. What are they? What do they mean?

Gods’ Sexes and Genders. What are they? What do they mean?

God One is a hermaphrodite. We know this to be true because we all—men and women alike—have been created in God One’s image. Therefore, God One must have both male and female aspects.

There is considerable debate about whether the higher order Gods are also hermaphrodites. There is nothing in the Infinitiaty scripture that suggests this must be so as we were not created in Their images. On the contrary, they might have what we would easily recognize as sexes and genders.

The higher order Gods could be male, female, hermaphrodite or asexual. It is, however, the broad, but not unanamous, consensus among the Sages of Infintiaty that, because each God was created by the next-higher order God, each God was probably created in the next-higher order God’s image.

Because it seems highly unlikely that this truth will ever be revealed to us, the Sages of Infinitiaty have declared that it would be heretical to think about the sexes or genders of the Gods any further. Their derived truth, i.e. that all of the infinity of Gods are hermaphrodites, must therefore be accepted by devout Infinitians as the gospel truth.

Not So Much Godly Sexes as Genders

Because God One and, by assumption, all of the other Gods are hermaphroditic, it is not strictly appropiate to refer to them as either “He” or “She.” “It” was considered as a godly pronoun, but the Sages declared that It would be disrepectful of the dieties. Some Sages proposed “S/he,” “HeShe” or “SheHe,” but all of those were deemed to be too cumbersome for use as godly pronouns.

The Sages of Infinitiaty solved the puzzle of the appropriate pronoun to use by flipping a coin to choose from among “He” and “She” for use when speaking of God One. “He” won.

So as to not be sexist, the Sages declared that the pronoun used for higher order Gods must alternate between “She” and “He.” Thus, God Two is referred to as “She,” God Three as “He,” God Four as “She,” and so on. And so it is today that all odd Gods are referred to using the male pronoun and all even Gods are referred to using the female pronoun.

Of course, any pronoun referring to any deity is always captitalized because They want it that way.

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